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Columbus Exposed Lecture by Dr. Manuel Rosa

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Lies, Spies & Conspiracies

Dr. Rosa’s lecture presents evidence

that Columbus was a Polish Prince, 

not an Italian weaver 

and the 1492 voyage was a secret 

mission planned to deceive Spain 

with a false route to India.

October 6 at 6:30 pm

University of North Florida 

Adam Herbert U. Center
12000 Alumni Dr, Jacksonville, Florida

October 7 at 4:30 pm

Argyle Branch Library

7973 Old Middleburg Road S, Jacksonville, Florida

October 17 at 7:00 pm

Polish Russian Lithuanian 

American Citizen's Club

12 Cheever St, 

Danvers, Massachusetts

Christopher Columbus No Longer Italian


September 06, 2023, 13:41 GMT  


PONTA DELGADA, PORTUGAL, September 6, 2023/ -- On this day, 531 years ago, a fleet of three ships lifted anchor from Gomera island in the Canaries and set sail following a secret map that led them to the Caribbean. The Captain General of the Fleet became wrongly known as Christopher Columbus, a weaver from Genoa.

“In the recent dissertation by Manuel Rosa, scrupulously respecting the sources, it is made clear the impossibility of (Cristóbal) Colón having been born into a family of Genoese weavers,” wrote João Paulo Oliveira e Costa, Chair of the Department of History and Full Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The dissertation, CRISTOFORO COLOMBO versus CRISTÓBAL COLÓN, earned Manuel Rosa his PhD in Insular and Atlantic History from the University of the Azores. For Rosa, considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on Christopher Columbus, the bestowing of the degree comes after spending over 30 years investigating the life of America's legendary discoverer.

The newly presented evidence proves that only a high nobleman could have married the discoverer’s Portuguese wife in 1479. Other documents prove that, in April 1493, the Italian printing press gave the noble navigator the mistaken identity of Christopher Columbus, the name of a Genoese weaver. The man Americans call Christopher Columbus was actually named Cristóbal Colón.

“As we head toward Columbus Day, let’s celebrate the discovery by getting our facts straight about the discoverer,” said Rosa. “The navigator was a Portuguese nobleman, not a Genoese weaver, as Americans have been taught and as Italians erroneously promoted.”

Rosa began his historical journey during the Columbus quincentennial. He saw some seriously suspicious red flags regarding the accepted Genoese weaver Columbus narrative. The explorer supposedly was a lowly foreigner yet married an aristocratic Portuguese lady 14 years before becoming famous. A union between common weavers and nobles could have never happened. Not only would it have been unthinkable, but deaths would have resulted from it. The closer he delved into the facts, the more certain he became that we were not being told the truth. After 30 years he succeeded, not only in uncovering documents forged to support the lie of the wool-weaver, but all the necessary evidence that will rewrite the history books.

Rosa completed his doctorate with guidance from doctors João Paulo Oliveira e Costa, chair of History at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Avelino de Freitas de Meneses, Full Professor at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of the Azores. The seven-member jury approved the work unanimously and with distinction.

Since 2006, Rosa has published nine history books in several countries, including "Columbus: The Untold Story" (2016), which is admired as perhaps the best and most authoritative work ever written about the discoverer of America. It received a 5-star review from Indie Reader, won an Independent Press Award in the category of Biography: Historical, Winner of the 2018 New York City Big Book Award and was named the Best World History Book of 2016 in the Huffington Post.

Rosa affirms that the new history is all proven by documents that anyone can read and verify. The documents even reveal a secret discovery of the Americas by other parties who found land decades before the 1492 journey. 

And, one of the most interesting facts: Colón always knew he was not in India and never planned to sail to India at all. The voyage was a “false discovery” to trick Spain into believing America was India and the navigator lied to Spain and enlisted others, such as Amerigo Vespucci, to also lie. Why? Rosa has uncovered the documents that answer the why and how this ruse was executed as well.

Rosa’s work is supported by the non-profit organization, Association Cristovao Colon. For more information and to purchase “Columbus: The Untold Story,” visit


Media Relations
Manuel Rosa


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BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR selects “COLUMBUS-The Untold Story” by Manuel Rosa as

BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR in Nonfiction History

Previously the book received 5 Stars from Indie Reader:

COLUMBUS-THE UNTOLD STORY read more here on the book's page:

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Book Review: Columbus The Untold Story

More reviews here:

Book Review: Columbus The Untold Story

 by  in history 

Book Review: Columbus The Untold Story
“It took 500 years to build the official "History of Columbus" and 21 years of scientific investigating to destroy it.”---Manuel Rosa

Looking for a good read on Columbus this Columbus Day? Manuel Rosa’s Columbus The Untold Story may be the best and most authoritative book ever written on Columbus. And for us Steemians who are here shattering paradigms in social media and publishing, more good news: Rosa smashes all kinds of paradigms in his book.
The standard tale most of us taught and carry with us the rest of our lives is that Columbus started life in a family of indigent peasant wool-weavers in Genoa, at that time not part of Italy because Italy did not yet exist as a nation. At some point he boards a ship that gets sinks in a storm, and he manages to swim ashore in Portugal. In Portugal, this ignorant wool weaver who knows nothing and speaks no Portuguese climbs his way to the top of the Portuguese aristocracy and marries a princess. But instead of living happily ever after at the end of that fairy tale, he goes on to Spain where he dupes King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella into sponsoring him, who has never captained a ship, to lead a voyage to India by sailing in the wrong direction.
As Rosa points out in the book, and takes great lengths to explain in painstaking but compelling detail, this is a laughable fairy tale that couldn’t possibly have any basis in reality, especially within the restrictiveness of medieval society.
Rosa reviews the works of various proponents of the Genoese Columbus hypothesis, and soundly rejects all of them. As it turns out, almost all the evidence for the Genoese claims is either shabby at best, or fabricated at worst. At times the municipal government of Genoa enthusiastically produced fraudulent evidence to support the claim, bolster the Italian-American community, and of course, profit.
Rosa then goes on to present a new hypothesis. He digs deeply into previously ignored Portuguese archives, examines newly emerged documents, and reads over tens of thousands of documents and books in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Polish. He’s not only a masterful researcher, but a master of languages as well. After 21 years of research into what he realized was a 500-year-old mystery of a man, and mission, and spy craft and espionage of the highest order, Rosa puts the pieces together like no one else before him has been able to. It’s almost as if the real history had been deliberately suppressed, and Rosa tells us why. Even his English edition is hard to come by, being available only from his own website.
Let’s take a look at Rosa’s own boiler plate to see how thoroughly he’s stirred the pot of professional academia (He uses the Spanish Colon to refer to Columbus):
• All contemporaries agree Colon had expert sailing knowledge at par with the expert Portuguese pilots of the day
• He continued his secret communications with the King of Portugal while in Spain
• He intentionally made false statements to Spain regarding India and enlisted others like Amerigo Vespucci to do the
• He hid his real name real name and nationality not from the kings, but from us, the public at large.
• He always knew he was not in India and he never planned to reach India.
• The last will of 1498 said to be written by Colon is a forgery written 90 years after his death
• His wife not just a Portuguese noble, but at the top of the aristocracy.
• Historians don’t believe Columbus sailed to the New World in 1477. We show he did
• Columbus lied about the sinking of the Santa Maria. He deliberately sabotaged and marooned to strand the
Queen’s men
• Rather than rejecting Columbus’ claims, King Joao II of Portugal helped plan the journey because it was a psy op
against Spain.
• It took 500 years to construct the lie and over 20 years to destroy it.
• Just as James Bond has the codename “007,” Columbus’ codename was Cristobal Colon
• Columbus went to great lengths to conceal his true name because he was on a secret mission for Portugal to lure
Spain away from India and secure Portugal’s monopoly.
These are some extraordinary claims the author makes, and yet he meticulously supports them throughout the book. Normally I would say he does it in excruciating detail, but there is nothing excruciating about this book at all. Every detail is a compelling fact that leaves you begging for the next one as the plot advances. It reads not only like a historical work, but as a spy thriller and adventure story as well.
Rosa travels some exciting side trails too that no Columbus researcher ever even noticed before let alone dared to venture down. He informs us that Portugal was the last Templar state in Europe, that its Kings were regularly excommunicated from the Church and didn’t care! He takes inside the Templar lodges where we learn the secrets of their membership and operations. We witness diplomatic intrigue in England, France and the Vatican. The most surprising, and important, side trip of all is to the Polish court during their war against the Ottomans.
The book is chock full of reproduced documents and color plates that support Rosa’s thesis. He conducts numerous DNA tests to verify and repudiate relations and descendants. Being Portuguese himself and a genealogical researcher, he brings unique insights and understandings to the Columbus story that, frankly, academic historians just aren’t capable of.
If you love history, and especially alternative history, this will be one of the most stunning books you ever pick up. If you love conspiracy theory, this book makes them fact, at least the ones it deals with. If you love mysteries and spy novels, this real-life case will keep you riveted.
It’s already shaking up academia with its meticulously developed case and undeniably powerful evidence. It’s too bad Manuel Rosa is not a lawyer, because his opposition would detest his ability to build a case. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.
Buy it from Rosa himself and get a signed edition here: I did.

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Who was Columbus? Xavier University Lecture, May 20

The untold story – was Columbus not Italian but of Polish Royalty?
Dinner with Manuel Rosa

Friday May 20 – Conaton Board, Schmidt Hall, Xavier University
5:30 – 6:15 reception; dinner at 6:15 / lecture and discussion starts at 7 pm

Join us for dinner and discussion with Manuel Rosa, author of COLUMBUS- the Untold Story.

Christopher Columbus's origins have long been shrouded in mystery for be utilized an assumed identity in Spain and continuously hid and lied about his past. Schoolbooks teach that the navigator was a poor Italian from a Genoese family of peasant wool weavers. Over the centuries there were claims that Columbus was a native of Greece, Spain, France, Scotland and even Jewish but according to new evidence, Columbus was none of the above for he hailed from Polish royalty.

Hear the latest evidence from Columbus expert Manuel Rosa, author of COLUMBUS. The Untold Story, who has spent 25-years investigating historical documents in various countries and bas unearthed unknown facts which are turning the Columbus history upside-down. "Our whole understanding of Christopher Columbus has for 500 years been based on misinformation. We couldn't solve the mystery because we were looking for the wrong man, following lies that were spread intentionally to bide his true identity," Mr. Rosa told The Daily Telegraph.

Rosa will present new insights into ulterior motives for the epic 1492 voyage across the sea. Columbus was not in search of the real India at all, but was acting as a double-agent with the secret mission of taking the Spanish crown, Portugal's only European enemy, as far away from India as possible. In this secret mission, the navigator was a true James Bond whose successful lie of America being India managed to fool the world for five centuries.

Manuel Rosa is a Portuguese-American historian and author who emigrated from the Azores to Boston in 1973. A graphic artist working for Atlantic Monthly and Boston Magazine, he became an IT Professional with Lockheed Martin and now works at Duke University. Mr. Rosa has lectured at European and American universities, has advised UNESCO and the Haitian government on matters related to Columbus, bas appeared on BBC, the Travel Channel's Expedition Unknown, on NPR, and many other media and foreign language documentaries.

Join us for a stimulating and entertaining evening about world history that you won 't want to miss.

Guests are welcome. RSVP to or call 513-651-6166. FPLC, Brueggeman Center, and World Affairs Council members-$25 / guests-$30. Pay at event or send check (payable to FPLC) to Joe Dehner, 3300 Great American Tower, 301 E. 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Order your copy now at
 before it's sold-out!

The Enigmatic "Christopher Columbus" Now Conclusively Identified, Finds Association Cristovao Colon

Recently established facts about his origins and accomplishments prove that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

The Enigmatic
Durham, NC, May 16, 2016 --( Generations of schoolchildren have been taught the archetypal story of an Italian, peasant wool-weaver’s son who discovered the New World in 1492. Depicted as a man of little knowledge, a clueless navigator, and a bumbler of legendary stubbornness – refusing to admit he'd never reached India – "Columbus" has long been seen as a model visionary, a near-mythical figure who exemplifies why one should never give up on one's dreams, however misguided they may be.

This and much else that's generally believed about the world's most famous explorer can now be dismissed as bunkum.

Over recent decades, a mass of data has been assembled from widespread and disparate sources, inferences pieced together, and an argument constructed that's as persuasive as it is fascinating and astonishing.

Like the proverbial train wreck in slow motion, paradigm shifts in how the world understands major events and personalities appear explosive in hindsight only. As history and human awareness actually run their course, any major insight – and the scrutiny that led to its occurrence, especially when the insight transcends deeply held beliefs – will almost always face irrational resistance from the guardians of respectable conventionality. As a rule, the wave of change enters mass consciousness some time after the quantum shift in Received Opinion has occurred.

So it is with the explosion of the "Christopher Columbus" myth – built up by long accretion to this faulty rendering of "Cristóbal Colón," itself the pseudonym of a controversial, almost sphinx-like man who really did make those famous, trans-Atlantic voyages – but whom history so far has represented in a manner that could scarcely be more at odds with what the facts now show. According to Manuel Rosa, the world's foremost authority on "Christopher Columbus," not only was the immortal navigator of royal blood, but the Catholic Monarchs of Spain – whom "Columbus" adroitly deceived for more than twenty years – participated in a far-flung conspiracy to hide his true identity.

"Considering the sheer number of people who've been misled," says Rosa, "the audacious scope of the original deception, the magnitude of the misapprehensions that gathered around it over time, and the fact that it's taken half a millennium for the real identity of 'Columbus' to emerge, his real achievement was beyond doubt one of the most extraordinarily successful, double-agent spy missions in all of history."

Rosa is not alone in this radical revisionism. Distinguished maritime historian João Abel da Fonseca says, "The evidence Rosa presented is so plentiful that one merely needs to enumerate it to come to this obvious conclusion. Columbus' high nobility birth is an issue that is no longer worth wasting our time debating."

Professor Trevor Hall, who specializes in 15th and 16th century Portuguese contacts with West Africa, supports the new paradigm: "Columbus was a Portuguese spy for King João II."

No less an authority than Manuela Mendonça, President of the Portuguese Academy of History, has publicly affirmed that, "Columbus was a Portuguese-born noble belonging to the house of Viseu."

The nucleus of this very complex and broad-based argument appeared ten years ago, when Rosa's first book – the 640-page O Mistério Colombo Revealdo (The Columbus Mystery Revealed) – came out in Portuguese. Over the next few years, highly acclaimed translations appeared in Spanish, Polish and Lithuanian.

"This book . . . will, with absolute certainty, be talked about for a long time," says University of Valladolid Professor D. Felix Martinez Llorente.

With nearly 200 pages of stunning new material, the special, limited edition that's being released this month – for the first time in English – promises to be another, enduringly provocative conversation piece.

On May 20th, to commemorate the 510th anniversary of "Columbus’" death, Manuel Rosa will present a lecture, "Who Really Was Columbus?" at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event includes a reception, dinner, and discussion following the lecture.

In case you're unable to attend, while supplies last, you may still order Columbus: The Untold Story through Amazon – or directly from its New Jersey sponsor, Nowy Dziennik, Polish Daily News.

About The Author: Manuel Rosa is a Portuguese-American, investigative historian and author who emigrated from the Azores to the Boston area in 1973. He currently lives in North Carolina and works at Duke University’s Cancer Institute.

Mr. Rosa received the Boston Globe’s Art Merit Award in 1976, the Lockheed Martin Lightning Award in 2002, and the American Institute of Polish Culture’s “Special Recognition” Award in 2015.

Rosa has spent a quarter century investigating America's legendary "discoverer." He has authored five books on Columbus in several languages other than English and has appeared on BBC, NPR, the Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown," and numerous foreign-language media. His work was featured on the cover of Newsweek's Polish subsidiary in 2011.

Mr. Rosa has advised UNESCO and the Haitian government on matters related to Columbus' lost ship, the Santa María. He has lectured on Columbus at American and European universities.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

"COLUMBUS-THE UNTOLD STORY" Buy Book here - limited edition

Order your copy now at 
 before it's sold-out!

ASSOCIATION CRISTÓVÃO COLÓN,  a non-profit organization, in collaboration with Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News, is funding the publication of the English language Edition of Manuel Rosa's award-winning and groundbreaking book COLUMBUS THE UNTOLD STORY.

For 10 years now, Mr. Rosa has been fighting the establishment and its Matrix trying to convince US Publishers to make his research available to the American public, all to no avail. Therefore, we are going directly to you. We feel you deserve to know the truth and that because you want to know the truth, you will support us in bringing "COLUMBUS. The Untold Story" to American readers by pre-ordering your copy today.

Mr. Rosa's first book on Columbus was publish in 2006 in Portugal. He next published "COLÓN. La historia nunca contada" (COLUMBUS. The Untold Story) in 2009 in Spain, then in Poland as "KOLUMB. Historia nieznana," which made the cover of Newsweek, selling out in months, and lastly in Lithuania as "KOLUMBAS. Atskleistoji istorija." 
COLUMBUS. The Untold Story reveals incredible hidden secrets of the life of Columbus, his double-mission in Spain and the surprisingly sophisticated world of fifteenth century, geopolitical politics and espionage. 

Another nutty conspiracy theory!! That’s what I first supposed. I now believe that Christopher Columbus is guilty of a huge fraud carried out over two decades.” - James T. McDonough, Jr., Ph.D. Professor for 31 years at St. Joseph’s University.

Columbus-The Untold Story Book Release event in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014

Miltiades Varvounis, distinguished Greek-Polish historian, researcher and author wrote in an extensive article about Manuel Rosa's book on Christopher Columbus saying that the book, "is a magnum opus and by no means should be considered a work of pseudo history or just another source of nutty conspiracy theories. Rosa's numerous reliable findings and solid theories would make Sherlock Holmes jealous. The History of Columbus has many mixed-up facts and personalities, and maybe the time has come for the discoverer's life to be finally rewritten." - Source Lithuanian Heritage Magazine, (January/February 2913) pg. 28.
Cover of Newsweek, Poland, Feb. 2011 and enthusiastic readers showing off the Polish edition

This 25-year-long investigation has unearthed unknown facts regarding historical documents discovered in various countries, the information that the supposedly Italian Columbus did not even use Italian in his letters, not even to his brothers, neither did his brothers write Italian to Columbus. 

Add to this the sheer impossibility of a peasant Columbus being able to marry into the socially-superior nobility in Portugal plus have direct access to several monarchs in order to carry out his quest and it becomes apparent how the history we learned was not accurate. In short, academics now are forced to acknowledge that the Discoverer of America was no simple wool-weaver’s son from Genoa.

Lecture at Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, Chicago, 2012

A Portuguese historian believes he has solved the 500-year-old mystery of Columbus' true identity after a thorough investigation of medieval documents and chronicles. The origins of the man who discovered the Americas has long been a subject of speculation. Contemporary accounts named his birth place as the Italian port of Genoa to a family of wool weavers but over the centuries it has been claimed that he was a native of Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and even Scotland. Others claimed his origins were hidden because he was Jewish or secretly working as a double agent for the Portuguese royal family. But the latest theory suggests that the great navigator, who died in 1506 after four voyages to the New World, was in fact of royal blood: the son of King Vladislav III who was supposedly slain in the Battle of Varna in 1444 ... fled to live in exile on the island of Madeira where he was known as "Henry the German" and married a Portuguese noblewoman. - From Balzekas Museum announcement of the Lithuanian book,  Chicago, IL

Lady Blanka Rosenstiel presenting "SPECIAL RECOGNITION" awards in Miami, Feb. 2015

This Limited Edition of "COLUMBUS. The Untold Story," is an unabridged translation from the 2014 Lithuanian book in its unedited form and has been augmented with surprising new information gathered over the last few years, solidifying Rosa's therory that Columbus was born of Royal Blood.

We are confident that you won't be disappointed with the incredible information Mr. Rosa's book presents regarding Columbus and his 1492 voyage to the Americas. 

Please sponsor this history-changing project and incite your family, friends and organizations to sponsors. You have nothing to lose, except the truth!

2014 Polish TV Documentary based on COLUMBUS: The Untold Story


“The book is an extensive and well-documented work on the still-enigmatic figure of Cristóbal Colón, with evocative and notorious contributions that will, with absolute certainty, be talked about for a long time.”
  ­– Professor D. Félix Martínez Llorente, University of Valladolid

"Any historian who is lucid (also if he is not lucid he can hardly be called a historian), given the knowledge of the social relations that prevailed at the time, cannot have any doubt of the FACT, that is more than obvious, that CRISTÓBAL COLÓN HAD TO BE SOMEONE BORN OF THE HIGHEST NOBILITY. Regarding this fact, END OF DISCUSSION. The evidence is now so plentiful that one merely needs to enumerate it to come to this obvious conclusion. His high nobility birth is an issue that is no longer worth wasting our time debating."
 –João Abel da Fonseca, Deputy Secretary-General of the Marine Academy, Secretary of the Class of Maritime History, Academic Correspondent of the Portuguese Academy of History, Vice-President of the Division of History of the Geographical Society of Lisbon, and Chairman of the Council of the Institute of European Culture and Atlantic

“I am a professor of History who specializes in 15th and 16th century Portuguese contacts with West Africa. I do Portuguese paleography, and my research supports your conclusions that Colón was a Portuguese spy for King João II.”
 – Professor Trevor Hall, - PhD. in History from Johns Hopkins University

 "Without a doubt, Manuel Rosa shoved a stick into an anthill destroying a great design. Its publication evokes a historical tsunami, which, not only turns upside-down the history of the discovery of America, but also makes one reflect on the current textbooks in the canon of history . . .The book is extensive and you cannot approach it lightly, or seeking sensationalism. It requires the reader to focus, reflect deeply, persevere through all the arguments put forward by the author, which consist of up-to-now unknown facts of the biography of Christopher Columbus."
- Adam Pawlowski, history  professor in Poland.

"I agree with Manuel Rosa’s research one hundred per cent ... Nothing invalidates the concept that he could have been born in Portugal.”
-Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão, ex-Dean of the University of Lisbon, World-renowned Professor and President of Portuguese Academy of History for 25 years. (Prof.  Serrão wrote in his preface for the Portuguese and Spanish editions.)

"No serious historian, after reading the original Portuguese, Spanish and Italian documents from the 15th-16th Centuries and after having done a proper study of Colón's original heraldic shield, can be indifferent to the truth, and continue insisting in sanctioning unequivocally what others had written prior to the new evidence. Manuel Rosa made an exceptional investigation methodological and well documented."
 – Professor José Carlos Calazans, Lusófona University in Lisbon

“Cristóvão Colón was a Portuguese born noble tied to the House of the Duke of Viseu.”
– Professor Manuela Mendonça, declared to the media following Rosa's lecture at the Portuguese Academy of History, May 16, 2012, as its president

"For the first time ever, a book was written about Colón without starting from any preconceived certainties and every piece of the puzzle is explained point by point."
 – Professor Antonio Vicente, History Professor at Lisbon University

“Finally we have a work of investigation into the history of the discovery of America that is amply documented and shows the real fraud created by the proponents of the accepted tale of an ignorant Columbus. It offers abundant clues to unraveling the great mystery that surrounds the «discoverer of America» and puts forth the long needed change in the perspective of the analysis of this historical figure.”
–José Rodrigues dos Santos, author and nightly news anchor for RTP, Portugal

Manuel Rosa lectures at Duke Universtiy, 2014 and with Lady Blanka during the ward ceremony in Miami 2015

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Currently considered the world's leading expert on the life of Columbus, Manuel Rosa is a Portuguese-American historian and author who emigrated from the Azores to the Boston area in 1973. In his early professional life he was employed as a graphic artist working on books and national magazines including Atlantic Monthly and Boston Magazine. He later became an IT Professional employed by Lockheed Martin and currently works at Duke University. He is also a recipient of the 1976 Boston Globe’s Art Merit Award and the Lockheed Martin Lightning Award. Mr Rosa has lectured at European and American universities, has advised UNESCO and the Haitian government on matters related to Columbus's lost ship, has appeared on BBC, on the Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown, on NPR, and many other media and foreign language documentaries. 

Fluent in several languages, Mr. Rosa has spent a quarter century investigating and searching out the facts concerning Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America utilizing a non-biased scientific approach that has taken him to Portugal, Spain, Dominican Republic, Poland, Lithuania and many places in-between in a relentless pursuit of the truth. The new information he garnered about Christopher Columbus resulted in the publishing of his first book (of 640 pages) in 2006.

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Filming for Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown" in Haiti with Josh gates

Thank You
Association Cristóvão Colón
Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News