Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christopher Columbus would have been a spy of King John II of Portugal

Christopher Columbus was actually a “secret agent” of King John II of Portugal who deceived the Catholic Kings “with the promise of a route to India by the West” according to Portuguese writer and historian Manuel Rosa.

New findings incriminate Columbus as a  spy for the crown of Portugal, according to the author of COLUMBUS: The Untold Story, to be released November 24, in Seville.

Columbus academics know, that in 1488, Columbus was allowed by the King of Portugal to witness a vital Portuguese secret: a detailed map of the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope. Therefore the question arises as to why Columbus did not take that shorter route around Africa in 1492.
This is only one of the many questions that Rosa, has focused on answering during his 18-year-long investigation and one of the many points he presents in support of the Portuguese spy theory.
The widely accepted theory that Columbus believed he had reached India by miscalculations and mistaking the world for much smaller is challenged by private notes that Columbus left behind.
In 1494 Columbus made a personal note that Haiti was located only 5 Time Zones West of Portugal while India, since the year 150 AD, was known to be located 8 Time Zones to the East of Portugal—a location directly opposite on the sphere from where Columbus places himself in 1494. This is only one of the many facts used by the author to contest the official history.
Having already published two books in Portuguese, Rosa is seen as a leading expert on the subject of Columbus’s relations with the Portuguese crown. He is the only investigator to present new Portuguese documentation related to Columbus in 500 years.
The new Spanish book will be presented in Seville, Spain, with the assistance of Spain’s leading expert on Columbus, Professor Consuelo Varela of the High Council of Scientific Research, at the School of Hispano-American Studies where Mrs. Varela is the Assistant Director.

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